Success Stories – March 2013

David Walrath, Western Region, Division Sequoia

The past DC of Sequoia has successfully broadened his printing business to a nationwide web presence. He prints high-end wedding invitations using old school technology and modern-day blogging. He was able to also incorporate a lifelong dream for retirement by being of service and causing good in the world while still working. Recently he helped the Western region with a “Men, Women and Money” course, sharing generosity and abundance as a way of being.

Arlan Pfohl, Southwest Region, Big Stick Division

One of the most memorable moments in my MDI experience was during a Point Program ritual in which I was given the opportunity to find urgency in my life for things left undone. My thoughts immediately went to my 30-year-old daughter, Jessica, from whom I had been estranged for seven years. In March 2011, a man on my team held me accountable to my promise to regularly reach out to her. Once a month, I called and left a supportive voice message like, “Hi Sweetheart, I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and tell you I am so proud of you. You are so precious to me.” I didn’t ask her to return my call, therefore there were no expectations. After four months of leaving messages like this, my daughter finally picked up the phone. We talked for more than three hours. She said that now I was a man she could love. In October 2011, I rode my motorcycle up to Oregon to visit Jessica and my two beautiful granddaughters, Chrissy and Londyn. Since then Jessica has made two trips down to see me. My daughter and I now have a healthy, thriving relationship like we’ve never had before, due in part to the love, encouragement and masculine care given to me by the circle of men called “Band of Brothers.”

Michael Noble, Western Canada, Division HSIT   

I have been part of the HSIT circle of men since October 2007. Since I joined Tribe, I did my Sterling Men’s Weekend and the Legacy Discovery. I have been given many great gifts from the men. A key point in my journey was in learning and truly understanding my purpose in life, which led me to let go of my fear and build and open my own restaurant called NOtaBLE~The Restaurant in August 2010. I have enjoyed amazing success not just personally but also financially. In creating a business based in community and supported incredibly by the people of Calgary, I get to give my “gift” every day, and it is what makes me a “Man on Fire.”

Bruce Spierer, Mid-Atlantic Region, Division Humongous 

After Hurricane Sandy, I organized friends and family to work in affected neighborhoods around Staten Island.  In teams of five or six people we canvassed the streets offering hot coffee, supplies, and an extra pair of hands to help gut ruined homes. With the support of my region, we have gutted over sixty homes in Staten Island, Coney Island, and New Jersey. Five months later, men still come out every Saturday to help struggling families in Staten Island.

Tom Thurmond, Southeast, Division Warriors     

At 52, as an American Patriot, Thurmond has retired from a successful career in the U.S. Probation Service.  A member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), a fire arms trainer, avid hunter and fisherman, he joined the Dog Soldiers in 1995, has served as Team Captain, Division Chief of Staff, DC, RC and RC mentor.  Though always available to his men, he has embarked on a second career as a private detective, calling himself “Magnum PI, without the Ferrari.” Relying on his years of experience, he works behind the scenes for attorneys and is currently working on a case that will receive national media coverage in short order. He says, “Thanks to men like Sandy Peisner, Mark Gofstein, Geoff Tomlinson and many others, I have tools in my box to stay in the battle and win. MDI is the place where I get to learn and grow, without the fear of failing or not achieving what I set out to do.“ 

Leon Proctor, New England  Region, Division Sons of Maine

Overcoming blindness, Leon Proctor was recently elected as the president of the Maine Chapter of the National Federation for the Blind. He is traveling to Louisiana for a 6-month training. He has made amazing strides in his life – from living in a rented trailer by himself on welfare … to holding a steady job, marrying a great woman, owning a home and reconnecting with his son, who completed the LD three years ago. 

Scott Williams, Eastern Canada, Western Front Division  

Scott Williams joined our region last year after reading an article about MDI in Toronto’s major newspaper “The Toronto Star.”  Williams has had a breakthrough with his relationship with his father, and his wife is thoroughly supportive of his being in MDI due to the positive changes she has seen in his life.  Though Williams has only been here a short time, he is already his division growth and enrollment manager and is inspiring other men to be in our circle of honor.

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