If you have experienced strained or even failed relationships, you join the many men challenged with being the men they need to be in long-term relationships. At Mentor Discover Inspire (MDI), an international men’s organization, we have countless success stories from men who are leading their relationships to greatness through the support of men’s teams.

We’ve all heard the horror stories. Men and women not getting along, fighting, battling in court, and then divorcing, leaving in their wake wounded children, financial hardship, and estranged parent-child relations. Does it have to be this way? Do you want it this way?

The stats don’t lie. And neither does the pain – for both parent and their offspring. It’s been reported that 50 percentage of marriages end in divorce. More pain may be experienced by the number of people staying in failing marriages. It just doesn’t have to be that way. Hundreds of men have had their marriages not just survive, but thrive with the help of an MDI men’s team. At MDI, we pride ourselves on giving men the tools to not only be the man he needs to be for his successful career but also for his significant relationships.

Established in 1999, MDI is an international men’s organization consisting of hundreds of men’s teams throughout 7 regions within North America focusing on success for families, careers and communities. Through trainings, special events, community service, fun activities and weekly team meetings, men learn to live a purposeful and passionate life as they achieve new levels of personal success.

David Plante in the New England Region: “Being on a men’s team saved my marriage. There was a team of men who was committed to whatever I was committed to, and that was to make my marriage work. They inspired me so well, I frickin’ wrote a book about it.”

Men’s teams meet weekly so men can mentor, discover and inspire in an environment where they get to step out of their daily routine, gain broader perspectives, unload any emotional or mental burdens, commit to success as they define it, and have fun in the process.

As an organization, MDI embraces the idea that true wisdom comes not from a single source, but from the diverse viewpoints of our community of men. These men acknowledge members’ victories and the unique qualities they bring to the world; this allows men to continue to carry a positive personal legacy forward to families and communities.

Charles Gjers in the Western Region: “It’s changed my relationships within my family. It’s a place where I can prepare and practice, so I can make a difference in my community.”

In a nutshell: MDI is unconditionally committed to men winning in their lives. This includes the vital aspect of a man’s life: his long-term relationship and his family.



Uplevel your relationships by being the man you need to be … in your life, in the lives of your children and within your significant relationship. To learn about MDI is to step into the circle of a men’s team.

  • It starts with the desire to grow, excel and succeed.
  • It starts with a need to find a place among the men.
  • It starts with finding a team.
Fill out the form below and you will be guided to a team already established in the 7 regions or placed together with other men ready to create a team in your city. Confidentiality is a sacred core value at MDI. Your personal information will never be shared, sold or distributed.