MTP 2.0: A New Context for the Membership Training Program

Olaf Krop
International Director, MTP

The international Membership Training Program (MTP) team has a vision that is expanding, aimed at taking new men from the level of guest to engaged and fully participating Mentor Discover Inspire members.

When a man joins MDI, he joins a men’s team that gives him access to an incredible system of support, accountability and mentoring. When I first joined a men’s team, I was excited to work with other men who had different perspectives and ideas. I wanted what many of the other men on my team had! I started receiving great mentoring from some very wise men.  

One essential building block of a strong men’s team is mentoring. Men mentor each other at every meeting, and we mentor each other on becoming the best versions of ourselves. Mentoring is a core value of MDI. Most men who are new to a men’s team are eager for the mentoring they receive. For a new member, mentoring may be the greatest gift he receives. 

When a new man discovers the power of a men’s team, his experience should be so impactful that he can see being on a men’s team for 20 years. Along the way, he will mentor other men while building successful families, careers and communities everywhere he goes.

The international MTP team has been working for a year to update the program to benefit every new member by giving him our best mentoring, training and support – so that he receives the full value of being on a men’s team, and with that he achieves unparalleled success everywhere in his life.

The new program is similar to the current program, but with better tools and material. We’re keeping what works while shifting the emphasis from “training” to “mentoring,” something many teams have been doing all along.

Said Ian Kennard, MDI President, “I am excited about the new program that will assist men coming into the organization. The manual is being updated making it even more user-friendly. There is an App that can be used by everyone, and I understand every team in MDI will have an MTP representative to keep the momentum moving for our new men.”

We begin rolling out the MTP 2.0 in mid-March 2023. Every MTP Manager will receive training and support. For more details, check out this introductory video:

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