Insight For The Modern Man

Willie Stroker

What does one of the leaders of the free world do on his time off? Well sure, sit down and pen a letter to an MDI man for the good works being done by him, his team and his organization.

On February 5, 2019 MDI member out of Toronto Neal Goomar was surprised by his men’s team AllSpark, as he received a letter from Prime Minister Justin P.J. Trudeau acknowledging him with a “thank you” for being in high service for the community. Taimour Zaman lead the effort in getting this done.

Said Goomar, “My team at the end of the meeting got super excited. I remember standing in a circle and hearing men say, “You read it to him, no you read it” until the captain said, ‘Goomar you read it out loud.'”

Below is the video of the experience when Goomar read the letter. “Unfortunately, I was so in shock that it sounds like I’m learning how to read,” he said.