“To connect YOU to YOUR masculine identity through the wisdom of Men, and with that power put your Legacy into action.”

Your Legacy Discovery Event

All Legacy Discovery weekends are on hold due to COVID-19

What Is The Legacy Discovery ?

Legacy Discovery is a powerful journey that celebrates the strength, wisdom, and purpose you carry through this world as a man.

At Legacy Discovery, you will discover:

  • A powerful way of being based on mature masculinity
  • A purpose that will make a difference
  • What you are truly committed to in life

Legacy Discovery is based on the collective “Wisdom of the Men,” including your personal experience. It is a Journey of Discovery about being a Man. It is about being a man in relationship with other men and deepening your connection with the men in your life.

The 4 Cornerstones

In the Legacy Discovery you can:

  1. Discover how to embrace the wisdom of men
  2. Discover how to build your legacy with purpose
  3. Discover how to live as a mature man
  4. Discover how to build meaningful relationships.

This will be a challenging, expanding and revealing experience, one that you will not forget. It is designed to put you in touch with what it is to be a man so that you can achieve your purpose in life and “become the man you have always wanted to be.

The Promises

What Is Available To You As A Man?

  • Increasing your ability to connect with and trust other men.
  • Revealing to yourself what you are “really” committed to.
  • Discovering your purpose in life.
  • Experiencing the value of using the “wisdom” of a “circle of men.”
  • Leaving behind the part of your past that has held you back.
  • Connecting with the source of your power.
  • Learning how to communicate what you mean more clearly and take ownership of your opinions.
  • Becoming more aware of people and experience them more honestly.
  • Developing a stronger sense of the real relationship you have or had with your “father.”
  • Confronting habits that impede you from creating the results you want in your life.
  • Learning to accept yourself, including the darker or ‘shadow side’ of your character.
  • Gaining a new and more effective awareness of the role women play in your life.
“Hats off. This weekend I discovered a part of myself, which I never ever before even suspected to exist. A KING woke up, and he is in the game. From now on, and until the sun burns out. Hat off … Crown on! And “The Game of the Thrones” now has a very different context for me. THANK YOU!!!
~ Kuklin

“I came into the LD scared about what I would find. I was unable to trust men and felt needy and unworthy.  I emerged trusting and being trusted by the men. I discovered my purpose in life and received the recognition of my strengths from the men. These gifts can never be taken away from me by anyone. We are not done yet, we are just beginning.”
~ Cabrera

“Hello, Just wanted to thank you and your team for giving me the opportunity to go to the Legacy Discovery Weekend. This program is the most powerful thing that I ever have been through in my whole life. As a man that has been through a lot in his life, more then most people. Five foster homes to every kind of abuse you can think of… I could go on for hours. This program has helped me more in three days than 15+ years of professional psychologist(s) therapy. There’s no words to say to tell you how much impact your program has affected me as a person… and as a “man.” From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you and your team.”
~ Wilton

“It will open your eyes / mind.
It will test your comfort zone(s).
Provides a place to completely be yourself.
Allows time to be “off the grid.”
Great way to network / establish new friends.
If you are at a tough point in your life, find a sponsor and start changing your life.”
~ Smetana