Essential Skills Training

For the 21st Century Warrior

Promises for Essential Skills Training

1. Leadership: You will discover your role as a leader in your life
  • You will see where you are and are not willing to go in your relationships and as a leader
  • You will see that management and leadership are two separate disciplines
  • You will learn that ownership is conscious choice, as well as context
  • You will understand the effects of jargon in your leadership
  • You will learn the power of your context
  • You will learn to build trust accounts and know their value
  • You will discover the importance of glory, gifts and acknowledgement
2, You will become an effective listener
3. You will identify your purpose
4. You will learn how to become the master of your time
  • You will learn to use delegation as a tool to further your purpose and context
  • You will discern the difference in leading a “purpose-driven organization” vs. a “leadership-dependent organization”
5. You will deepen your understanding of enrollment and see that leadership and enrollment are the same thing
6. Commitment / Living a Purpose
  • You will learn that your life is an example of what you teach
  • You will learn to trust what you are committed to in the face of any resistance
7. You will gain a greater understanding of your relationship with trust
  • The trust you give, and
  • The trust you receive
8. You will learn the importance of staying clean with your own emotions
  • How to help the people you lead stay clean with their emotions
  • The power of creating a space for the people you lead to express their emotions
9. You will walk away with a new understanding of fun
10. You will complete this training having created an action plan to guide you in living your purpose

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