Our History

MDI (Mentor – Discover – Inspire) was founded in 2000 by several committed volunteers that were associated with another organization (the Sterling Institute of Relationship – SIR). These men felt that the purpose for which they were doing their volunteer work at the SIR was not being fulfilled.  In light of that, they set out to create an organization with a purpose they felt would live on for hundreds of years while serving the communities around them in a practical, impactful way.

There was not just one man, or several men, who founded our organization. Through a series of in-person meetings across North America and scores of conference calls, about twenty men engaged in the process of forming MDI over a two-year period from 1998 to 2000. The organization was originally called Men’s Divisions International.  It borrowed a little bit from every inner discipline each man in that group of twenty had been exposed to; MDI wasn’t wedded to any dogma, any one way of being or thinking. The organization was driven by a simple construct: provide men the inspiration and support to win in their lives. While men’s circles and organizations are not unique, we believe MDI is distinguished by its emphasis on creating strong, stable, challenging men’s teams that inspire and empower men to pursue and realize their passion over the long-haul. Effective team-building and teamwork is at the core of who we are.

Today, MDI is committed to providing men with the tools and inspiration to win in their lives and succeed in pursuing their passion and commitments. We believe this is accomplished by giving men a chance to truly know, accept, and respect themselves.

That means completely embracing whatever it is that you’re passionate about. And really taking ownership of what makes you great – for most men, no small task– as well as not shying away from or ignoring those warts and defects you’d prefer to gloss over.

This is all done through the construct of a men’s team.