Code Of Honor

The Code of Honor contains 15 tenets that we strive to live by. It is intended to reflect some basic core values that all the men can rally behind, support and use as a benchmark for the ways of being we can expect from one another.


In order to Be an Example to Children, one must:

  • Understand that an honorable man takes responsibility for the lives and future of the children in his life
  • Understand that the example that he sets, teaches children lessons that will either serve them or weaken them
  • Understand that to live this element intentionally requires that a man live a disciplined and purposeful life
  • Understand that having children in one’s life and being committed to be an example to them provides an invaluable benefit to a man by forcing him to be a better man than he would otherwise be
  • Understand that being an example to children does not mean the man should pretend to be something he is not just because he’s around children (this is not being an example, it’s bullshitting)
  • Understand that being an example to children does not mean being a “good” example because “good” is just someone else’s subjective judgement
  • Understanding that being an example to children is about taking responsibility for the example one sets and having that example be an expression of the man at his best