Who We Are

MDI – Mentor Discover Inspire – is an international men’s organization consisting of hundreds of men’s teams throughout North America and is open to any adult man who seeks to live a purposeful, passionate life and seeks to achieve new levels of personal success.

Within North America, there are hundreds of men’s teams that consist of anywhere from 5 to 25 men per team. All teams openly welcome guests to their meetings. Teams usually meet weekly at men’s homes, places of business or public areas. Teams strive to provide an environment where men get to step out of their daily routine and get another perspective, unload any emotional or mental burdens, commit to success as they define it, and have fun in the process.

Most teams are affiliated with a larger circle of men called a division. Divisions consist of more than three men’s teams and can number up to as many as 200 men that meet monthly. They are coordinated and led by a core team of experienced men, striving to serve both the men of the division as well as their communities through charitable work projects and fundraisers.

MDI is not a political or religious organization. It does not promote or adhere to any dogma or doctrine. Focused mainly on the power of “ownership” and empowerment through participation, definitions of MDI vary according to each man  who helps to create the men’s circle. For some men, we are a mentoring organization where men can come to learn leadership skills. For others, their weekly team meeting offers a respite to bond, relax, have fun and step away from the pressure of their daily life. For others, it is a place where they know they will have a chance to discover their truth. For many men, it is a place to get support, practice a particular discipline or manifest a higher purpose.

1-1_best_friendlymen We inspire men to pursue a purpose larger than themselves. We empower men by providing them with the tools they need to succeed. These tools are discovered and put into use in weekend trainings or weekly courses, one-on-one mentoring or weekly team meetings. As an organization, we believe that true wisdom comes not from a single source, but from the diverse viewpoints of our community of men.

We pursue our passion by being in relationship with the men of our teams. They provide the inspection, feedback and support necessary to get the job done. When we stumble, our teammates are there to get us back on our feet, brush us off, and ensure we have learned the lessons from a setback or challenge before we get back into the game.

When we realize our passion and find a way to make it manifest, we have a circle of men with whom to celebrate.

These men acknowledge our victories and the unique qualities we bring to the world; this allows us to continue to carry our personal legacy forward to our families and communities.

In a nutshell: We are unconditionally committed to men winning in their lives.

As an organization, we do not seek to define what winning means for an individual man, or to dictate what passion a man should pursue. Neither do we seek to erect or define the parameters of how that process even looks.

Our teams can be made up of men who meet via the telephone, or who meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. They can range in size from five men to more than twenty men. Our youngest member is 18. Our oldest is well into his 80’s. We cover the spectrum of ethnicity, political belief and vocation. We have members who have been married for more than 50 years, who have been divorced, who are in long-term committed relationships or have never been married. Our members may be straight or gay, professional or working class.

The only requirements of membership are that a man be of legal age, sign necessary waivers, pay annual dues and adhere to our Code of Honor.

MDI has a Board of Directors composed of elected representatives from each of the seven regions. These men are charged with oversight of the organization and continually examining MDI’s vision, core values and purpose.

MDI operates as a mutual benefit, not-for-profit organization incorporated in the State of California under IRS code 501C4. It is staffed and operated by volunteers who are chosen by the men themselves.