The Mature Masculine Workshop


Attend Live in San Diego or On Zoom

A one-day experiential event facilitated by International MDI Leaders Jim Ellis and Dylan Stewart 

·       Be introduced to 20 qualities of a mature masculine man 

·       Participants choose the top mature masculine qualities in which they wish                              to do a deep dive

·       Experience a fun and engaging workshop for men ready to go to the next                                level

·       Recognize the qualities that support your life to be a success on all levels  

What Transformation Does This Course Deliver?

  • Fortify your relationships to make them the best they can be
  • Discover the power to reach excellence as a man
  • Unveil a higher purpose that uplifts you and those you influence 
  • Realize the superior you along the way 

Are you ready to go to the next level?


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Course Details

  • Delivery: Live in San Diego or On Zoom
  • Schedule: 6/24/2023 9 AM - 4 PM Pacific

Upcoming Events

The Mature Masculine Workshop
6/24/2023 9 AM - 4 PM Pacific
at The Classy San Diego’s Balboa Park Club, Santa Fe Room 2144 Pan American W Rd San Diego, CA 92101 OR JOIN on Zoom ONLINE from anywhere on the globe.

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