Insight For The Modern Man

Tom McCarter 

An old prospector had been mining up in the hills for years. Every week, he’d come into town for supplies. He’d have a nice steak dinner and stop by the brothel for some female companionship. One week he gets it in his head he’d like to do something different. He stops in at the brothel on his way into town and tells the madam he would like to try something different, and not sure what.

The madam tells him to go out, have a nice steak dinner and come back. “Trust me” she says.

So he goes out for dinner, comes back, and she gives him a key to room #7. “Trust me.” So he goes up to Room #7 and when he walks in, there’s a chicken on the bed. “Well, that’s definitely different,” he thinks. So he fucks the chicken and tips the madam extra on his way out. He tells her next week he wants to do something else different.

She says, “Trust me.”

So the following week, he goes out for a nice steak dinner and stops in at the brothel. The madam gives him a key to Room #8 and says, “Trust me.” So he heads up to Room #8, and when he gets up there, he walks into a group of men standing around. He thinks: “Well, this is definitely different!” Just then, the lights go down, a wall comes up, and the prospector sees they are on the other side of a two-way mirror.

On the other side are three women making love to each other. As they do this, the men pull out their dicks and start to masturbate, The women cum several times. The men cum. The wall comes down. After zipping up, the prospector says to the man next to him, “That’s one of the most amazing sexual experiences I’ve ever encountered!”

The man says, “You should have been here last week – the guy with the chicken!”